My name is Heather Rice. I have lived in the 10th Virginia Congressional District since 2010. Being an armed forces veteran and homeowner, I realize that decisions regarding tax, property, and safety matter and will affect your quality of life. 
As your Virginia 10th District State Central Committee Representative and your Delegate for the Republican National Convention, I will ensure that I listen to your concerns in bringing our party together as we unite to bring forth candidates that are well prepared to win elections.  To do this, I will connect them to resources that will hone their skills to respond to challengers, their constituents, the media, etc.

My skills, knowledge and experience as a Senior Business Analyst, Financial Analyst, Logistics Manager, and Aircraft Maintenance Officer gives me the keen abilities to recognize when to mobilize operations while bringing strength into our party.

I am considered amongst my colleagues and superiors to be the top candidate when they need to send someone into a program and "put out fires" while bringing process improvement and modernization into an agency. I bring first hand advice to agency Secretaries, Directors, Managers and High Level Executives on a daily basis. I will bring that support to candidates and local committees.

Most importantly, I have walked your streets, called your neighbors, and sent them postcards the since 2008. Actively engaging in our party and other Conservatives from the tip of our district by enjoying time with the fabulous attendees of the Loudoun Conservative Gala to attending the Lincoln Reagan in Winchester to get your candidates voted into office with every free moment that I could. I absolutely love our party and it's been an absolute honor to promote our candidates and members. I want to continue to do that with you dear friends!

Virginia Values


Virginians value the US Constitution, their freedoms, life, speech, and exercising their 2nd Amendment rights.


As a member of the State Central Committee and your Delegate for the Republican National Convention, I will honor these values in my decision making in all aspects. I promise to support you through volunteering of my time towards campaigns and events in your area. To be transparent and involved in your local communities and Conservative Republican interests.

Here is what I will bring to our District:

+ Preserving Virginia values and rights, honoring the US Constitution

+ Grassroots efforts- an ear to community hearts and minds with transparency

+ Generate ways to grow the party and smaller groups in the district (i.e. Manassas Park); open the doors to our local community by our involvement (i.e. Adopt a Street, can drives, etc.)

+ Be a resource for campaigns and strategy (i.e. candidate training - debates/ posture/knowledge/ proactiveness, volunteer networking, create solidarity, network resource to protect candidates & members during events)

+ Continuing to work hard to get our candidates elected and President Trump re-elected.

Experience and Training
- I'm a US citizen
- Resident of Virginia Congressional District 10 since 2010
- 2018 Graduate of the Leadership Institute
- US veteran (USAF Aircraft Maintenance Officer on the F-117A Stealth)
- Graduate of Delaware State University (Pre-med Biology)
- Graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Master of Aeronautical Science; Safety Systems and Aviation/Aerospace Management)
- Lifetime NRA member
- Manassas GOP Member
- Prince William County Associate Member
- Bull Run Republican Women's Club Member, Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary, and 1st Vice President (Currently)
- Confirmed in United Methodist Church 
- Manassas City Election Official

- Supported 10 Federal agencies at the Executive Level
- Volunteer and Donor for District 10 Candidates:
Theresa Ellis, Barbara Comstock, Rob Jones, Jeff Dove Jr. (previous campaigns), Ian Lovejoy, Amalfi Arias, Marc Aveni, Russ Harrison, Jackson Miller, Pat Herrity, Rich Anderson, President Donald Trump, Ron Meyer, Ruth Anderson, Laura Ramirez-Drain, Karen Boyd, Corey Stewart, Allison Satterwhite, John Whitbeck, Tim Hugo, DJ Jordan, Maria Martin, Kelly McGinn, Mike May, Douglas Taggart, Vinson Palathingal, Cheryl Buford, The Arlington Republicans, Mayor Hal Parrish, Senator Richard Stewart, Priscilla DeStefano, Srilekha Palle, Allen Sibert (Online), Sheriff Glen Hill, John Gray, Jeanine Lawson, Yesli Vega.

Due to COVID-19, please standby for updates to the upcoming Convention to be held June 20, 2020. 

Thank you to ALL of the elected Delegates that have filed from the units below! Your participation in our party and the 10th Congressional District is INVALUABLE.

FULLY endorsed by the Presidents of the Bull Run Republican Women's Club, the Virginia Federation of Republican Women (VFRW) and National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW) for my run as 10th Congressional District State Central Committee Representative and Alternate Delegate for the RNC!!


Endorsed by Veterans for Trump!!



Our Office Location
10th Congressional District
Prince William County
Manassas, Virginia 20110


My ancestors would be very proud of you. They were one of the original families (Abraham Michaux) who settled Virginia. Best wishes Heather!

— Melodie N.

"Melodie, As were mine who came to Jamestown, they were the Wrays. of Virginia...OMG Heather. You’ll have my support."

- Lee K.

"Congrats Heather. Great to see you on Tuesday."
- DJ Jordan, 2019 Candidate for 31st District Virginia House of Delegates

"You go girl!
- Alexandra Levine, Treasurer, JEXIT

"I am proud to endorse my friend, Heather Rice for Virginia 10th District State
Central Committee Representative and Delegate for the Republican National
Convention. Heather assisted me during my recent campaign and I first hand
saw her burning passion in assisting the candidates at the grassroots level. The
grassroots initiatives that Heather led brought in community engagement and
captured voters’ attention.   
I can assure that Heather can harness the power of the community to bring about political change which is precisely what the party needs right now.
I encourage all to support Heather Rice to strengthen our party
~ Srilekha Palle, 2019 Candidate for Fairfax County Board of Supervisors
"Hey Republicans, this woman spent most if not all of her free time knocking doors and making calls for candidates in 2019. She is exactly the type of grassroots rockstar who should be on State Central. Go Heather!"

- John Whitbeck, former RPV Chairman & 2019 Candidate for Chairman of Loudoun County Board of Supervisors.

Heather, that's great news indeed. Yes, we need to make the party stronger by expanding our tent so that we can start winning elections again in NoVA. I am running for the same in 8th.

— Vinson X. Palathingal, Representative for VA 8th SSC

"Heather was very helpful during my campaign when I was running for the 52nd District for the General Assembly. Thank you Heather for your help."
- Maria Martin, 2019 Candidate for VA 52nd District General Assembly 
You would be an asset on the SCC

— Carol F.

"That is absolutely awesome! You work so hard for our Commonwealth. I am so proud of you!"

Elinor L.

"Go girl ,you will be good😀""""""
- Marta Munzi

"Heather you would make a fantastic congresswoman!"
- Dr. Tammy Manganelli

"Woo Hoo!!!!"
- Marie Miriam Fischer, 3rd VP of Maryland Federation of Republican Women 


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